As an advocate for self-improvement, I have always sought out to be the best version of myself. I figured that the best way to do this was to enhance my “beauty”, both on the inside and the outside. My passion for aesthetics, fashion, luxury goods and a high quality lifestyle has been manifested through... Continue Reading →

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Best leather fragrances of all time

Leather is a fragrance note that is either a hate or a love. Fragrance aficionados alike can all agree that it is one of the most sophisticated fragrance notes; an olfactory depiction of a brand new black leather jacket or the interior of a brand new luxury sedan. Some leather aromas are sweet, utilizing botanical... Continue Reading →

4 Rules of Romance

Valentine's Day has always been about sweet indulgences, expensive dinners and buying gifts. But if you and your partner are tired of the same old traditions, give them an experience both of you will enjoy. Here are my four tips to make your valentine experience with your "bae" an unforgettable one. Don’t be cliché: Be... Continue Reading →

A personal life coach

  Photo credit: Nook Self Improvement Blog.   I believe that everyone has the potential to be successful in various aspects of life. But really, it is up to you whether you’ll actualize this potential or not. You have amazing ideas, but do you have the work ethic needed to execute them? You have a... Continue Reading →

Mens Grooming Starter Pack

  Well groomed men are so 2017 An aspect of being the best version of yourself is looking your best. The ‘cut your hair and go’ mentality of male grooming is dying , as well as social taboos implying men who take pride in their appearance are less “masculine”. While our ‘fathers’ may not have... Continue Reading →

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