The Essence of your scent


“Why do you like fragrances so much?”
If I got a dollar everytime I was asked this question , I’d probably be on Forbes 400 list.

Fragrances are all around us, from our bathing soaps, to our body lotions, air fresheners and scented candles; And value is placed on these products partly on how good they smell.

However, as a wardrobe item, fragrances are underrated. They do not get as much attention as, shirts, accessories etc. This is probably due to their”hole in your wallet” prices and not having a “visible” effect like clothing. However, fragrances are very important as not only do they make you smell good, they complement outfits, and make you feel more confident in yourself and more attractive to the opposite sex.

Generally, I believe there are four types of people when it comes to fragrances:
● Those who wear fragrances because they are fragrance enthusiasts
● Those who wear fragrances just to ‘smell good’
● Those who wear fragrances to get positive attention from the opposite sex
● Those who feel they are not necessary.

Whatever reason you have for liking and wearing fragrances, you are entitled to it. However, there are some important reasons to wear fragrances that are overlooked

The sense of smell:
Of all the senses, it has been proven that smell is the most directly connected with memory and is strongly linked emotions.

The olfactory region of the brain (where smells are processed), is connected to many other brain regions, such as those involved in emotion (the amygdala), memory (the hippocampus) and multisensory regions (the orbitofrontal cortex)

Whenever I get a whiff of Victoria’s Secret Charm body mist off girls, it strongly reminds me of those times with my first girlfriend, as that’s the same body mist she used.

Axe’s Dark temptation reminds me of my JS2 days in secondary school.

Gucci Guilty pour homme brings back memories of my freshman year in university.

The nostalgic feeling that is gotten from fragrances happens often  spontaneously, acting as a trigger in recalling a memorable individual, event or experience.

A scent can remind you of a special or unique experience in your life.

Therefore your scent can help make a long lasting impression in a person’s life!

You know that scent or the air or “aura” that lingers between you and a person engaging in a sexual activity, that makes you more “excited”? Yeah, that’s from pheromones.

Pheromones are the science behind fragrances.

Pheromones are chemical substances naturally released by our own body (also animals), which aims to attract the opposite sex through olfactory stimulation of the senses.
Pheromone signals are detected through an organ placed in the nose, the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO). Once the VNO detects the pheromones, it sends a sexual signal to the brain, transmitting information as mood and over all, sexual availability and compatibility.

Pheromones react with your fragrance’s composition and bolster the strength and actual scent of your fragrance. They are at times used as ingredients in the chemical composition of some fragrances.

This is why in most fragrance/deodorant advertisement campaigns emphasize the fragrance’s ability to attract the opposite sex.

This also highlights the fact that wearing fragrances do make you more attractive to the opposite sex

Complements your style:
Imagine a tall , dark-skinned and bearded guy dressed in a nice crisp white Traditional Kaftan attire, accessorized with a gold watch , gold cufflinks and a matching ballpoint pen , while wearing crimson black leather Louis Vuitton loafers; yet wears no fragrance.

Or a girl in a blood-red evening dress; her neck adorned with Harry Winston jewellery and her feet with Gucci stilettos mules; yet she wears no scent.

If the lack of a scent does not kill these looks, I do not know what else does.

A fragrance is a part of the dress and self-image. Just as a suit or dress can cause a good stir, same applies with a perfume.

My first encounter with Lancome La Nuit Tresor is one I’ll not be forgetting anytime soon. It was during a lunch meeting with a friend. Of course I smelt the fragrance off her when we met but I hadn’t paid much attention to it until after she walked away and I could still “smell” her lingering minutes later. Because I couldn’t get over how good the fragrance smelt, I later asked what her was wearing. “La Nuit Tresor by Lancome”, she said. It was memorable.

Humans are gullible to their senses. If you want to be appealing to the opposite sex, appeal to their senses – If she likes what she sees and what she smells, you are halfway through. Of course you’ll have to put in a good word for yourself and other things will come into play , but your personal grooming should do the preliminaries for you.
For the men, You can take a look at a previous article about fragrances that women love on men.

The appeal of a perfume is that it is at once ephemeral and empowering. It creates shimmering invisible armor that lingers in a room long after its wearer has exited the premises.

Attractiveness isn’t the only thing that is influenced by scent. Numerous studies have consistently shown that women and men evaluate many things more positively — everything from artwork to other people — when we judge them in the presence of a good smell.

Countless hotels and casinos, especially the high-ends, have been paying attention to this for quite some time. Think about the last time you were in high-end restaurant or hotel— did you notice a nice smell when you walked in?

We spritz on scent for many different reasons, however it’s interesting to consider these specific ones the next time you select a perfume.



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