The scent she will never forget: 8 fragrances women love on men.

Most women find it very attractive when a guy smells nice.

Some will keep your clothes or an item of yours just to keep “you” close to them. Believe it or not, women get to know when you’re coming, where you are and where you were, just from your scent.

There are a lot of fragrances out there that do get positive attention from women. I, for one, have noticed women prefer fragrances that have a sweet smell or a clean/fresh smell; or fragrances that have those elements. Generally fragrances that are too smoky, too musky/leathery, too woody or too spicy are a turn off.

In a previous article, I listed three categories of people when it comes to fragrances:
➢ Those that wear fragrances because they are fragrance enthusiasts
➢ Those that wear fragrances just to ‘smell good’.
➢ Those that wear fragrances to get compliments from women.

If you fall under the third category, this article is for you.

Finding the perfect fragrance is easier said than done, as you might expect. It’s consistently challenging to find the one that makes you feel like your best self, much less one that actually makes a statement. So I’ve picked out 10 of these fragrances with different criteria:

1. Longevity and Sillage
2. Scent itself
3. Compliments factor
➢ Fragrances that are either fresh, sweet or have an element of either.
➢ Fragrances that have gotten me a lot of attention from women and a lot of compliments
➢ Fragrances that I haven’t owned personally but tested out and have great acclaim in the fragrance community for their reputation with women.

Here are the fragrances you can look forward to buying.
1. Lattafa Night Oud :


A friend of mine had this and he got a lot of attention, from both guys and girls. Every time he came to talk to me when I was with a girl, its either he gets complimented or once he leaves, the girl talks about it.
Longevity/Sillage: 9/10.
Best For: Night outs (Clubbing, Get-togethers, Formal Events)
Age-range: 20 – above
Purchase here
Setback?: Very popular amongst Lagosians. I’ve perceived it on a number of people while out and I know of 3 people who have this currently, probably due to its affordability. If you are someone who is not a fan of using fragrances that are common, you may shy away from this. However, it is a very pleasant fragrance; it’s worth more than its price in my opinion.

2. Franck Olivier Oud touch:
A student at my school got a lot of positive attention from this fragrance. I wore this myself while I was at work and got a lot of compliments. Contains notes of Frankincense , Caramel , Rose , outlined with an amber and vanilla base.(Source:
Longevity/Sillage: 9/10

Best for: Night-time, Night outs. A good fragrance for cigarette smokers (it complements the scent that lingers around you after you’ve smoked a cigarette.)
Age range: Best for 19 – above
Purchase here
Setback?: Very popular amongst Lagosians as well. You may get some “you smell like my friend..…” comments.

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male:



This smells like a sweet pear and vanilla cocktail. It is a very playful and seductive scent. Ladies absolutely love it. I wore it once and got 6 compliments from 6 different girls in one day. Contains notes of Pear , Vanilla, Cinnamon , Amber , Lavender and Mint , Cedar, Clary sage , Cumin , Lemon and Bergamot. (Source:

Longevity/Sillage: 8/10

Best for: Clubbing, Night time.

Age range: 17 – 30. Has youthful vibe to it.

Purchase here: Available at Essenza , Circle Mall.

Setback?: not as cheap as the last two but it is a very pleasant fragrance and it is not common.
4. Dior Sauvage:


Ladies love this stuff. One of the most highly praised fragrances in the fragrance community for its reputation with girls, next to Creed Aventus. Contains notes amber, bergamot, Sichuan pepper, black pepper, lavender, cedar, pink pepper

Longevity/Sillage: 8/10

Best for: Very good for Daytime events, work, and good for casual events in the night time. It is a good smoker’s fragrance as well.

Purchase here
I advise you purchase it online from overseas stores to get it cheaper.

Setback: It’s expensive. We’re talking N40,000 to N60,000. But, as they say, value does not come cheap. It is quite popular as well.

5. Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb Extreme/Spicebomb:
Spicebomb is more of a warm, rich, semi-sweet leather scent with a vanilla/tonka bean undertone. Saffron and Cinnamon highlight the whole composition with a spicy backbone. Spicebomb Extreme (black) is a Pipe-tobacco based scent with black pepper, lavender and vanilla. I personally prefer Spicebomb extreme as it is sweeter and has a more inviting scent; it has a very realistic tobacco (cigarette) smell.

Longevity and Sillage: Both 8/10
Best for: Any occasion. Both are very good fragrances for cigarette smokers.
Age range: 18-above
Purchase here and here
Setback: None for me.

6. Creed Aventus

This is the king of fragrances. The most talked about fragrance ever, all due to one thing: Compliments. It contains notes of Pineapple , Birch , Musk , Blackcurrant , Oak moss, Bergamot , Apple , Patchouli , Ambergris , Vanilla , Jasmine , Rose. (Source: )
Longevity/Sillage: 8/10
Best for: Any occasion
Age Range: 17 above
Purchase here
Setback: Not that I know of.
*If you find it too expensive, cheaper substitutes to Creed Aventus are Afnan Supremacy Silver or this . Their scents are almost 100% identical to that of Creed Aventus, though not the same level of quality.

7. Valentino Uomo Intense:
An amazing blend of white leather, iris flower and vanilla; a gentleman scent that is that is truly perfect for anyone 20 & above. It has a very smooth and sophisticated quality to it. I got compliments every time I wore this one.
Longevity/Sillage: 8/10
Best for: Night outs (casual or formal)
Age range: 20 above.
Purchase here
Setback: none.
8. Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue:


Dylan blue is a fresh, clean, pleasant and sexy scent and at the same time, courtesy to the note of incense, is a little bit “dark” as well. Ladies love this scent; if you want a compliment getter at a decent price, you cannot go wrong with this.
Longevity/Sillage: 7/10.
Best for: Daytime casual
Age range: 17 above
Purchase here
Setback: Not the strongest performer (lasts for 7 hours at most)

Fun Fact: All these fragrances have a unisex vibe to them; they can be used by women as well as they are not overly-masculine scents. ☺

Note please:
Sometimes you may not get complimented on your scent even though you smell good; even though someone has noticed your scent and likes it. You getting a compliment depends on the way you present yourself. It is not only the fragrance that is going to do the work, you play a part.

If you portray yourself as confident or sociable and approachable, or you’re dressed good and you wear one of these fragrances, you will most likely get a compliment.

So, if you don’t get a compliment, it is not that fragrance it doesn’t smell good, you just aren’t really rocking it.

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