“Watch” your spending


Timepieces that are stylish , versatile and affordable.

The need to keep time by one’s side has been there for many generations.

As your phones have become our watches, statement pieces, status pieces and our armor of self-confidence, the significance of a watch is similarly the same.

A watch has become the most sought-after items in the world of fashion and personal style.

I used to seek for the best looking unique wristwatches, which consequently and usually, cost an arm and a leg, but what I’ve learned is even the smallest features that are not as high-budgeted can be striking too. Plus, I know if we were to buy everything on our wish list, we’ll probably all be dead from having no money to fend daily.

If you’re like me, who can’t decide on the watch to get next or can’t afford the luxury of owning all desired timepieces, you should select a watch that is affordable, yet stylish and versatile; fit for every outfit and occasion. Dressing the part where life takes you, is as simple as wearing a simple watch.

Sekonda Gold milanese strap:



Mesh-metal strap (otherwise known as a “Milanese bracelet”) watches have recently become very popular. They come in other colors to like silver and black.

Gold watches in general are renowned for their flashiness and their ability to complement specific colors of clothing. However, I’ve developed a bias for gold mesh-strap watches as they are aesthetically pleasing and are more affordable than the traditional chain strap watches. So if you are looking for a dressier alternative to the traditional bracelet, or want the benefit of a metal strap on a more affordable model, the gold mesh strap is the watch for you.

There is a version for women as well.



Best with: White outfits (white shirts/blouses, white traditional, white blazers, white dresses etc.) Black outfits (black shirts/blouses , black traditional, black blazers, black dresses) Pink outfits (pink shirts/blouses , pink blazers, pink dresses etc.) Blue outfits (blue shirts , Denim shirts and jackets) or anything with a touch of white

Purchase Here

Sekonda Gents Quartz analog watch with black leather strap:


If you are looking for a watch that is not too flashy or glossy yet still upscale and chic, a black leather strap quartz watch is perfect. This Sekonda version , in particular, looks very opulent with its onyx black dial and a strap finished with supple black leather. This is the most versatile watch in this list.

Best with: Formal wear, Black clothing.

Purchase Here

Casio Unisex Gold LCD Bracelet Watch:



What’s better than a gold wristwatch at a very affordable price? We all desire the Patek’s and Rolex’s, but you and I do not have enough money to spend such a fortune , sowhy not just buy a watch that will perform the same function of complementing your outfits with gold accenting? This watch  is hands-down the cheapest option in the market if you are looking for a good quality gold wristwatch.

Best with: White outfits (white shirts/blouses , white traditional , white blazers , white dresses etc.) , Black outfits ( black shirts/blouses , black traditional , black blazers, black dresses ) , Pink outfits ( pink shirts/blouses , pink blazers, pink dresses etc.) , Blue outfits(blue shirts ,  Denim shirts and jackets , anything with a touch of white.

Purchase Here

Timex T2N677 Brown strap watch:


This is made with veg-tanned calf leather with a rugged texture. It’s very soft and pliable and is perfect if you’re looking for something casual and simple.

Best for: Casual wear

Purchase Here

So ladies, if you’ve been thinking of a perfect gift for your boss, your pops or the man in your life – you’ve heard it here – a wrist watch is always perfect. It holds no season.

Also, gentlemen, if you are thinking of a perfect gift for a friend or a girlfriend, consider giving him/her a nice classy, reasonably priced wristwatch. Everyone loves a new one.




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