Sensual and Seductive: Fragrances Men love on Women


I am confident that after reading my article, The essence of your scent, fragrances have now become a more significant part of your personal grooming.

It is without a doubt an absolute turn-on for men when a woman smells good.  When he moves in for a hug and catches a whiff , he may be reluctant to let go.

Asides from attraction , wearing a great scent is just a sign of good personal hygiene. It also helps in making a lasting impression or memory of a special event or occassion.

So if you want him to remember that first kiss, or sexy vacation, or just a good time in your life ,  A fragrance will be a good bookmark to use.

And , men , if you are looking to purchase a special gift for your queen or good friend , look no further.

These fragrances listed below are not only the best designer and niche fragrances for women in the market currently , but are fragrances that make men weak in the knees once they get a whiff of them. I was absolutely intoxicated when I perceived every one of these fragrances off women and at fragrance stores.


Sospiro Parfums Erba Pura:


The best fruity fragrance I have ever perceived. It opens up with an intoxicating blend of orange , mango and peach and is highlighted with an amber and vanilla base. Initially, you may get a “tropical kool-aid” type of scent , but give it a few minutes and the sensuous vanilla and musk come out; that is where the real magic happens. The vanilla used in the composition of this fragrance is of great quality.

To top it off, fantastic presentation with a gold bottle engulfed in aqua-coloured velvet

Be warned,  if you are not a fan of overly fruity fragrances, you may not like it . this , however , may be an exception.

Longevity/sillage: 9/10. This can smell on your clothing for days.

Best for: Casual night outs or Date nights

Age  range: 17 above

Setback: None

* It also comes in a purple plastic bottle; to avoid confusion in stores.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Floral Shock


This scent is like the promise of a bright new day.

The black opium line by Yves Saint Laurent has four flankers; Black opium eau de toilette , Black Opium Eau de Parfum , Black Opium Nuit blanche and Floral Shock.

I believe this is the best out of the four, followed by Black Opium eau de toilette.

This fragrance opens with a fruity pear, accompanied with iced coffee and gardenia flower, and signed off with lemon and African orange flower.

Longevity/Sillage: 7/10

Best for: Daytime, Casual settings.

Age range: 17-25

Setback: it is quite subtle; not very strong.

Lancome La Nuit Tresor (L’eau de parfum)


This was my favourite female fragrance for quite a while.

It is the most unique “sweet” female fragrance out there. A concoction of lychee fruit , raspberry , praline candy , vanilla and incense. The most amazing feature of this fragrance is the lychee note; It is very prominent in the opening and gives the gourmand nature of this fragrance an edge with its “fresh” sweetness.

Great presentation with its diamond-shaped bottle and satin bow

Longevity/sillage: 9/10

Best for: nights out ; formal events. Can also be worn casually.

Age range: 19 above

Setback: May be too sweet for some people.

 Tom Ford Noir de Noir


This scent in a nutshell: Red roses and dark chocolate

This fragrance is unisex and work very well on both men and women.  I put it on this list because it  smells very sexy and sophisticated on a woman.

A composition of rose, patchouli , truffles, saffron ,  oud  and vanilla. A very delectable scent

A fantastic scent for a date night.

Longevity/sillage: 7.9 / 10

Best for: night outs; casual and formal

Age range: 19 – above

Setback: none.

 Armani Prive Rose d’arabie


The best oud for women.

Oud fragrances can be strong and off-putting at times. Here,  it is used in a moderate amount and balanced out with rose , patchouli and vanilla , with rose being the main player

Longevity/sillage: 8/10

Best for: Formal Night outs

Age range: 20 above

Setback: none

 Giorgio Armani Si

Sì has a top note of blackcurrant nectar, a heart of freesia and Rose of Mai, with a musky blond wood and vanilla base.

Gorgeous presentation with a nail polish bottle.

Longevity/Sillage: 9/10

Best for: night-time casual

Age range: 17 above

Setback: None

 M.Micallef Ylang in gold


The best vanilla fragrance.

This fragrance offers a balanced floral bouquet warmed by sunny notes reminiscent of South Sea Islands: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, coconut and vanilla.

The fragrance contains 24k gold dust and pearlescent particles that delicately shimmer when you shake the flacon and hold it up to the light

Longevity/Sillage: 8/10

Best for: all occasions

Age range: 20 above

Setback: most expensive fragrance on this list

Marc Jacobs Decadence


A fragrance for a woman with a dark side.

A lot of people have mixed feelings towards this fragrance. I personally think this is fit for a woman who is daring and in control. with robust notes lf Plum Saffron and Iris flower , this fragrance will truly make a statement.

Longevity/Sillage: 8/10

Best for: Night outs

Age Range: 21 above

Setback: none

 Christian Dior Feve Deliceuse


This fragrance is one of the best gourmand fragrances ever created. You get tonka, you get vanilla, chocolate, caramel and lots of bitter-sweet cherries. A very delectable scent.

Longevity/sillage: 9/10

Best for: Night outs

Age range: 20 above

Setback: maybe too sweet or too “plasticky” for some people.

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