Brands you should know as a streetwear enthusiast

Taking a look at the complicated history that streetwear has had—especially as it continues to evolve and change its relationship with other aspects of the fashion industry at large—I wanted to isolate the biggest, best, and most impactful labels to streetwear’s current state.

With new labels cropping up literally every day, you’ll find some obvious classics (and few surprises) among the names on this list. But as streetwear becomes even harder to define, we should give shine to those who established the industry, added a unique flavor, and turned it into the influential juggernaut that it is today.


Supreme is the most iconic streetwear brand to date. The brand lives up to its name and has done collaborations with everyone from Nike , Vans , Kermit the Frog to the French Luxury Brand , Louis Vuitton. Supreme is an independant global brand.


Originally created as a skate team in 2010 by skater and designer Lev Tanju, Palace has grown into both a skateboarding company and streetwear phenomenon. With its bold graphics and now signature “Tri-Ferg” logo, the label references ’90s sportswear and British subcultures.


Although BAPE has been a mainstay of streetwear thanks to its hip-hop backing and iconic motifs, the ape-based label remained relatively quiet in recent years. But, in 2016 BAPE has been making somewhat of a resurgence to the main stage of street fashion. With a series of viral videos from unofficial mascot YMBAPE and a string of strong collaborations with adidas and mastermind JAPAN, the label has reestablished itself at the top with a strong 2016 year.


Established by  Music Mogul Pharrell Williams , in partnership with the founder of BAPE . The brand suffered many setbacks after its original conception due to disputes between Williams and Reebok. Reebok was originally set to release the clothing line alongside the Ice Cream sneaker line. Although the sneakers made it, the clothing line was postponed and all projects came to an end in late 2004/early 2005. It was at the very end of 2005 when the brand was finally launched as a partner company to A Bathing Ape.


Stussy has worked with legends such as EPMD and collaborating with Nike on the SB Dunks, Blazers, Huaraches and Huarache Lights.
Most recently working with artists like Drake and known for creating limited edition pieces and not over producing, Stussy is definitely at the top of the game and keeps the bar high for new labels.

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