The Principles of Good Hair


As girls, we live for our hair. Long, short, curly, straight…and bald too. Our hair is a part of us, literally – It’s an attitude.


So let’s talk about hair – good hair. The best hair is human hair. This is because of its versatility and durability. Sure, it’ll take a chunk out of your pocket but really, its an investment. 


Human hair generally starts from about 15k per bundle depending on the grade. It can be styled in different ways, especially with the use of a closure or frontal. You can use it multiple times and even change the look by dying it. After a while, one might decide to trim it for something fresh.


Now, the hairstyle is just as important as the hair itself. We should always keep in mind what suits us. NOT ALL TRENDS MUST BE FOLLOWED!!!



1. A bigger face needs fuller hair distract. About 3 or 4 bundles/packs should suffice. A smaller head can get away with 2.

2. Layers are always a good idea, except with really curly hair or baby curls.

3. Volume should always go from top to bottom. The bottom should never be fuller than the crown.

4. Treat your hair with care. Use the necessary oil or serum as often as required. Never let it get too dry or too sticky.

5. BE SMART!!! If you find a hairdresser that does you right, hang on to them. They’re treasure.


Now, go forth and make good hair choices. 


Yvonne Obaraye and Ipinmi Akinkugbe

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