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I believe that everyone has the potential to be successful in various aspects of life.

But really, it is up to you whether you’ll actualize this potential or not.

You have amazing ideas, but do you have the work ethic needed to execute them?

You have a weight loss goal, but do you have the discipline needed to diet and exercise?

Being an ambitious individual, I have realized that there are some tendencies I do possess that will be obstacles in the journey towards living my best life and being the best me. Therefore, I developed a way in which I will point out these traits and work on them.

Analyse yourself: Do a bit of soul-searching; take a look at yourself and understand who you really are. Discover your tendencies, your passions, your morals, your values etc. Ask your close friends and family for feedback as well. Benchmark yourself against your role models to find out what positive traits they possess that you are lacking.
Write down your strengths: If you have successfully analysed yourself, you will have clearly defined what your strengths are as an individual. What positive traits do you possess? What are your skills or talents?

Write down your flaws/weaknesses:
Knowing you’re flawed is not a weakness, but rather a strength. All of us you see have flaws, but it’s only by recognizing them that we can account for them, better predict outcomes and work to improve them. Of course , the perception of a flaw is subjective , but I’d define it as a “particular trait you possess or habit that you have that has had a negative influence on some aspect(s) of your life.”

Write down the actions you need to take to mitigate this weaknesses:

A weakness is a part of you; thus it can’t be fully eradicated , but it can be controlled with conscious effort. Take a look at who you are today and visualize who you want to become; what are the steps you need to take to get there?

Do this and you will be an “alpha” in no time.


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