Best leather fragrances of all time

Leather is a fragrance note that is either a hate or a love.

Fragrance aficionados alike can all agree that it is one of the most sophisticated fragrance notes; an olfactory depiction of a brand new black leather jacket or the interior of a brand new luxury sedan.

Some leather aromas are sweet, utilizing botanical or fruity notes to subdue the intensity of the leather note. Others are animalic or musky, utilizing notes like civet musk and oud to underscore the characteristic causes of calfskin leather. Regardless of whether you incline toward scents that are new and light or those that are bold and daring, there’s a leather fragrance out there for you.

Rich and deep leather:

Leather fragrances that have a very rich and potent leather note.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather:

An olfactory depiction of luxurious, black calfskin leather drenched in spices and juicy raspberry.

Age: 21 above

Occassion : Night out (Formal)

Outfit: Suit , Tuxedo , Traditional Attire
Acqua di Parma Colonia leather:

Colonia Leather is a dark yet bright, sophisticated, classy, refined, citrusy, clean and woody interpretation of leather with an astonishing touch of divine rose and with a wisper of green petitgrain.

Age: 21 above

Occassion: Night out (Gala , Dinner , Casual Outing)

Outfit: Suit , Tuxedo , Traditional Attire , Smart casual

Memo Paris African Leather:

A Dark leather scent blended with rich spices; saffron, cumin and cardamom

Age: 25 above

Occasion: Night out ( Upscale Events)

Outfit : Tuxedo , Suit , Traditional attire.

Amouage Memoir Man:


Memoir Man is a Fougère, one that fractures the standard mix of Lavender and leather ,  into bright shards by the addition of Basil and Mint and the further aspect of Absinth. Like a tray of unset gems the topnotes sparkle on the skin, leading into heart notes of Woods and a rich, smooth base of Vanilla, Amber and the traditional Oakmoss.

Age: 24 above

Occasion: Night out (Upscale events)

Outfit: Tuxedo , Suit , Traditional Attire

Sweet Leather:

Leather fragrances in which the leather note is subdued with sweet notes like Vanilla or amber.

Yves Saint Laurent Noble Leather:

This is a leather fragrance in YSL’s oriental collection. The roughness of leather is softened with the sticky sweetness of dried fruits and sweet smokiness of amber and creaminess of vanilla.

Age: 21 above

Occasion: Night out (Date nights , get-togethers, Dinners)

Outfit : Smart casual , Casual

Valentino Uomo Intense:

This is a very smooth leather fragrance with an amazing blend of iris flower and vanilla; a gentleman scent that is that is truly perfect for anyone 20 & above. It has a very smooth and sophisticated quality to it.

Age: 21 above

Occasion: Night outs (Upscale events , Date nights , Get-togethers)

Outfit: Tuxedo , Suit , Smart casual.

Fahrenheit Parfum:

Fahrenheit Parfum is a leather scent with a warm, spicy and boozy vanilla with an astonishing touch of violet leaf and suede.
Fahrenheit Le Parfum has some similarities to the original Fahrenheit by Dior, but a sweeter, more refined, more appealing, more playful approach to Fahrenheit.

Age : 20 above

Occasion : Night outs (Date nights , Get-togethers)

Outfit : Smart casual , Dinner Jacket

Fresh Leather:

Leather fragrance that features fresh notes like citruses and green notes like mint, leaves etc.
Italian Leather Memo Paris:

A very fresh and green leather scent witht notes of tomato leaf , galbanum and vanilla. A very sophisticated and smooth leather scent that gives off the aroma of the interior of a brand new car.

Age: 19 above

Occasion: Day time (Any occasion)  , Night time (Get-togethers , Date nights , Dinners)

Outfit: Casual outfits , Smart casual.

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