Best Online Retailers for Perfumes and Perfumes Oils

Perfume and cosmetic shopping is quite a task.

There is nothing more disheartening than taking yourself all the way to retail store and be overwhelmed by ridiculously high prices; at the end of day you leave empty-handed. So why not shop for affordable products on your mobile phone through platforms like Twitter and Instagram in the comfort of your abode?

Needless to say, the World Wide Web is full of endless shopping possibilities and a simple trip to the virtual market can turn into a homeric odyssey if you lack direction.

So in order to aid in your hunt for the most rewarding gain of all, I’ve rounded up picks for the best online fragrance and perfume oil stores in Nigeria that have:
• Affordable prices
• Timely delivery
• 100% trust and reliability by customers.
• Good After-sales Service



A fragrance connoisseur who will not only provide you with an array of designer and luxury perfumes with reasonable prices, but background information on each scent, fragrance recommendations and product delivery that spans outside Nigeria. He also has his own clothing line called retrocode shirts.
Instagram and Twitter: retroc0de


The one stop shop for all things perfume in Nigeria. Their website is very user-friendly and their prices are very affordable. Their inventory is also very wid; ranging from popular brands like Dior to lless popular niche brands like M.Micallef.



The self-proclaimed “Perfumes Oils Plug” and Lifestyle blogger sells Designer Inspired perfumes oils at affordable prices and offers nationwide delivery. If you are a regular Guest on her twitter page, you will regularly see reviews of her products. She is also A lifestyle blogger
Profumo NG:


An Online perfume store that sells a wide range of designer and niche fragrances with nationwide delivery with no delivery charge.
Instagram and twitter: Profumo NG


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