Scents of smoke

The Best tobacco fragrances.

cigarPhoto credit: Venincasa dental

When we say tobacco, what comes to mind is the bold and bodacious aroma of cigars and cigarettes.

However in perfumery, what comes to mind is the aroma that lingers around you after smoking a cigarette; The depicition air of masculinity, warmth and smoothness that emanates from you. It is very enigmatic and alluring

Tobacco fragrances are some of the most sophisticated and refined fragrance blends in the fragrance industry and below are my top picks for the best tobacco fragrance to leave you smelling like a Don subsequent to smoking a cuban cigar.

Parfums De Marly Herod:


Intoxicating Tobacco leaves blended with cinnamon bark , black peppercorns , incense  and vanilla beans.

Longevity :8/10

Sillage: 8/10

Tobacco Vanille:


A classic blend of tobacco , Vanilla beans , dried fruits and spices

Trivia: This is the fragrance Daniel Craig wore while acting in “Skyfall”

Sillage : 8/10

longevity : 7/10.

Sospiro Parfums Wardasina:


This is by far one of the classiest scents I have ever perceived. Tobacco , blended with rose and the exotic spice saffron, contained in a bottle enveloped in red velvet; luxury at its best.

Viktor and Rolf Spicebomb Extreme: 


A sweet blend of tobacco , lavenderspices and vanilla.

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud: 


This is as bold as bold gets. Tobacco leaves blended with whiskey and oud. This is definentely a try-before-you-buy scent.

By Kilian Back To black: 


Tobacco blended  with honey and cherry . a very sweet and seductive scent.

Xerjoff Naxos:


A honey and tobacco bomb. A delectable gourmand that gets a lot of compliments.

Roja Dove Enigma


The famous “coca-cola” fragrance as it’s blend of tobacco , cognac and vanilla is said to have a scent that is reminiscent to that of the famous beverage.  This is a very unique fragrance.




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