What outfit , What occasion? (Men’s version)

Dressing is an art and of course, the art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions we partake in. The occasions dictate how we should dress to suit the mood of the events. Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to the occasion and the people around you. Here below we present to all gentlemen out there an easy guide to dress codes for every occasion.

Casual setting : Get-togethers, barbecues, poolside parties.


  • t shirt
  • a button-up shirt
  • Polo shirt ( Recommended colors: Black , pink , white ,  and navy blue)



  • shorts (can either be plain khaki or colored. Colored shorts I like in particular are blacklight blue , navy blue , lemon and white)
  • A pair of jeans (ripped or non-ripped)
  • a pair of chinos


Lemon shorts.


  • slides
  • leather slippers or sandals
  • loafers
  • sneakers

Accessories: wristwatch , bracelet , neckpiece.

Semi-casual/Smart casual setting: (launch events/parties , dinners , lunch):

Typically,  traditional attire can be worn at this occasion. However , you can also wear:

Top: shirt (denim , cotton or linen, preferably plain), jacket (optional)



  • pants: I’d recommend either navy blue , black or white.
  • chinos
  • jeans


Loafers: tassel loafers , monk-strap loafers or drivers.

Lace-up shoes

Accessories: Wristwatch , bracelet

Formal: gala night

Tuxedo or Full piece suit with black tie

Shoes: lace-up shoes, monk-strap shoes











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