Best fragrances for traditional wear

It’s Saturday and its owambe day. You’re ready to make a statement in your bespoke fitted kaftan. And of course to add that final touch to your outfit is a scent fit for the special occassion. Here are nine fragrances that i feel fit perfectly for traditional wear.

Ajmal Hatkora Wood:


Ajmal’s Hatkora Wood is an ode to the Hatkora Lemon of Southern India.

An oriental fragrance in full form, it opens up with a burst of lemon and peach, which is supported with prominent notes of oud and sandalwood.

Performance: 8/10.

Xerjoff Alexandria II:


An opulent oud fragrance with freshness coming from lavender and rosewood which leads to a beguiling heart of cedar, lily of the valley and bulgarian rose. A warm base reveals notes of amber, sandalwood, musk, vanilla.

Performance: 8/10

Tom Ford’s Oud wood:


Probably the safest and most popular oud fragrance in the market. It’s very soft on the oud , and more prominent with rosewood and sandalwood.

Performance: 5/10.

Acqua Di Parma Oud:


This is the ‘finest’ oud perfume out there. I say finest because it combines the unique freshness of Colonia Intensa with one of the world’s most cherished ingredients, oud, for an unforgettable fragrance that is both fresh and richly aromatic.

Performance: 7/10

Creed Royal Oud:


A citrus and oud blend that has regal and refined smell to it.

Performance: 7/10.

Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather:


This fragrance blends floral leather with cool spices for an untethered unisex scent. It starts of with Jasmine, then dries down to an amber and leather blend.


Perfomance: 6.5/10

Issey Miyake Noir Ambre:


This is without a doubt one of the best designer perfumes out there. A regal amber fragrance with a blend of vibrant, dark woods fused with luminous, intense and addictive amber notes.

Performance: 8/10

Gucci Oud Intense:



Intense Eau de Parfum has refreshing accords of incense, woody notes, leather, and amber.

Performance : 7/10.



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