How to wear a plaid suit

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The “checked” pattern on clothing has come a long way since the Scottish kiltskins.

Plaid outfits are back in trend and its time to take advantage of it.

Plaid is the general, umbrella term given to a piece of cloth that comes checked. And within the plaid family there are types of checks; be it tartan, windowpane, madras or gingham.

chike (20 of 20).jpg

As seen in the photos above, I’m wearing a turquoise blue plaid suit jacket with the windowane pattern. I think it the colour goes very well with my skin tone. The white shirt adds a very simple and sophisticated touch with the jacket , and I kept it simple with the bottoms; pairing with a black pair of chinos and pair of tassel loafers.

I could have also worn a pair of white pants or even a pair of yellow pants with this outfit. The important thing is to pick a colour that complements the turquoise colour of the jacket , not take away attention from it.

A plaid suit should be included in every and closet as it’s a simple and sophisticated attire that is unique at the same time

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