Take notes: What is a fragrance note?

As musical notes are composed to make up a song, fragrance notes are used to make up a fragrance. Fragrance notes are divided into three levels: Top notes: Top notes are notes like citruses: bergamot, lemon, lime and herbs like lavender, clary sage etc. The main characteristic of top notes is that they evaporate quickly... Continue Reading →

3 tips for starting a cosmetic business

In today’s society, more attention is being paid to personal appearance and aesthetics, and many entrepreneurs have capitalized on this by establishing cosmetic businesses. From beard oil to contouring make-up, it’s crucial to keep on top of trends in the beauty business. But cultivating your brand identity should also include being passionate about your product... Continue Reading →

A symbol of success: Self-branding.

Photo credit: Fabrik Brands. I am sure you have heard the saying that reputation is everything? What you are known for or associated with either raises or decreases your value in the public eye. Below is a compelling argument as to why this is true. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and... Continue Reading →

Scents of smoke

The Best tobacco fragrances. Photo credit: Venincasa dental When we say tobacco, what comes to mind is the bold and bodacious aroma of cigars and cigarettes. However in perfumery, what comes to mind is the aroma that lingers around you after smoking a cigarette; The depicition air of masculinity, warmth and smoothness that emanates from... Continue Reading →

Best leather fragrances of all time

Leather is a fragrance note that is either a hate or a love. Fragrance aficionados alike can all agree that it is one of the most sophisticated fragrance notes; an olfactory depiction of a brand new black leather jacket or the interior of a brand new luxury sedan. Some leather aromas are sweet, utilizing botanical... Continue Reading →

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