An ode to oud

Best oud fragrances It’s strong, it’s musky and almost animalistic in its sensuality; Some people love it while others find it offensive and gross. I’m not talking about durian, the beloved but smelly southeast Asian fruit, but oud – one of the most expensive raw perfume ingredients in the world. Known as oud (or oudh),... Continue Reading →

Brands you should know as a streetwear enthusiast

Taking a look at the complicated history that streetwear has had—especially as it continues to evolve and change its relationship with other aspects of the fashion industry at large—I wanted to isolate the biggest, best, and most impactful labels to streetwear's current state. With new labels cropping up literally every day, you'll find some obvious classics... Continue Reading →

White: Regal and refined

  When did the colour of washing machines and microwaves become cool? It wasn’t long ago that if you saw a white car, nine times out of ten it would have orange stripes along its sides and flashing blue lights on its roof. Black was the colour to have and to wear, and owning a... Continue Reading →

The Principles of Good Hair

  As girls, we live for our hair. Long, short, curly, straight…and bald too. Our hair is a part of us, literally – It’s an attitude.   So let’s talk about hair – good hair. The best hair is human hair. This is because of its versatility and durability. Sure, it’ll take a chunk out... Continue Reading →


  As an advocate for self-improvement, I have always sought out to be the best version of myself. I figured that the best way to do this was to enhance my “beauty”, both on the inside and the outside. My passion for aesthetics, fashion, luxury goods and a high quality lifestyle has been manifested through... Continue Reading →

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The concept of “luxury”

    When you think “luxury”, you probably think, “Rolls Royce Phantom, Burj al Arab Dubai, high-end restaurants, Cartier Jewelry, Louboutins, Versace Dresses, Diamonds” etc. But have you ever thought of what exactly qualifies these items as “luxury”? Some people may go with the Economics 101 definition, “a good whose demand by a consumer is... Continue Reading →

“Watch” your spending

  Timepieces that are stylish , versatile and affordable. The need to keep time by one’s side has been there for many generations. As your phones have become our watches, statement pieces, status pieces and our armor of self-confidence, the significance of a watch is similarly the same. A watch has become the most sought-after... Continue Reading →

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