Essential Accessories for men

  Compared to women, men don’t have as many opportunities for changing up their look. And a lot of guys worry that deviating from the expected formula will make them stand out from the crowd – and not in a good way. This is where accessories shine. These small personal touches are simply adding interesting... Continue Reading →

Niche perfumes that appeal to women

Niche perfumes are palettes on which perfumers and perfume houses display their creativity. With the use of rare and exotic perfume oils, in high concentration, niche perfumes grant you an unforgettable olfactive experience. Based on my observation on certain scent profiles that women are more allured to, here are certain niche perfumes that attract alot... Continue Reading →

How to wear a plaid suit

The "checked" pattern on clothing has come a long way since the Scottish kiltskins. Plaid outfits are back in trend and its time to take advantage of it. Plaid is the general, umbrella term given to a piece of cloth that comes checked. And within the plaid family there are types of checks; be it... Continue Reading →

Male perfumes that appeal to women (designer)

There are three types of people when it comes to perfume, Those that wear perfume to smell good Those that wear perfume for their own personal pleasure/enjoyment Those that wear perfume for compliments/attention If you fall under the last category, this post is for you. Nothing complements a man's outfit like his perfume. Just as... Continue Reading →

Best fragrances for traditional wear

It's Saturday and its owambe day. You're ready to make a statement in your bespoke fitted kaftan. And of course to add that final touch to your outfit is a scent fit for the special occassion. Here are nine fragrances that i feel fit perfectly for traditional wear. Ajmal Hatkora Wood: Ajmal’s Hatkora Wood is... Continue Reading →

Take notes: What is a fragrance note?

As musical notes are composed to make up a song, fragrance notes are used to make up a fragrance. Fragrance notes are divided into three levels: Top notes: Top notes are notes like citruses: bergamot, lemon, lime and herbs like lavender, clary sage etc. The main characteristic of top notes is that they evaporate quickly... Continue Reading →

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